1. Sunnova Brings Solar Energy to Florida Homeowners

    Sunnova Brings Solar Energy to Florida Homeowners

    Sunnova Brings Solar Energy to Florida Homeowners Sunnova enters Florida market to provide homeowners with the opportunity to generate their own energy May 03, 2018 10:32 ET | Source: Sunnova Energy Corporation Houston, TX, Sunnova Energy Corporation , the leading privately held U.S. residential solar and energy storage service provider, announced today that it will be entering into the Florida market to offer homeowners the opportunity to power their lives with self-generated energy.

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    1. Recent regulatory decisions over the last year signal that the skies are clearing for solar in Florida and we are thrilled to be expanding our solar service into the state so that consumers have confidence in their ability to generate their own clean energy.
    2. The future of solar keeps getting brighter in the Sunshine State.
    3. Consumers are beginning to demand more when it comes to their energy options—more options, more flexibility, better service—and Sunnova will be there to offer them just that through our consumer solar finance and service agreement.
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