1. sonnen-Engie Partner up in France to Sell Solar-plus-Storage Through 'Shared vision'

    sonnen-Engie Partner up in France to Sell Solar-plus-Storage Through 'Shared vision'

    French utility Engie and German energy storage firm sonnen have signed a strategtic partnership to offer a package of solar and energy storage to households in France. The ‘My Power’ package is already available and Engie has identified 3 million customers in France living in detached houses that are conducive to using the solar-storage combination. Moreover, customers in southern France could power close to 100% (up to 95%) of their electricity needs through the package in the summer months between May and September, with northern customers able to generate around two thirds of their power demand. Sonnen spokesman Mathias Bloch emailed Energy-Storage.News this week to confirm reports of the deal which had appeared in various news outlets.

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    1. We are very happy that one of Europe's largest utilities shares our vision of clean and affordable energy. ENGIE is a company that not only talks about renewable energy but really pushes it forward. The French storage market is at the very beginning and therefore offers enormous potential.
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