1. Massachusetts Is Staring Down a Duck Curve of Its Own. Storage Could Help

    Massachusetts Is Staring Down a Duck Curve of Its Own. Storage Could Help

    After a barrage of wicked nor'easters this winter, Massachusetts residents probably aren't worried about having too much sun — but they should be. Over in Hawaii, California and Arizona, middaysolargeneration has begun to cause major swings in the balance of supply and demand on the grid. The resulting “duck curve” has become emblematic of the logistical challenges involved in massive renewables adoption. As it turns out, this duck infestation is migrating from the sunny, palm-lined enclaves of Venice Beach and Scottsdale to the Bay State.

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    1. We are absolutely beginning to see a Duck Curve.
    2. Our goal is to have private sector investment, but we recognized that there were barriers and there would be huge potential value to ratepayers, so it made sense to jumpstart it.
    3. Now you can have that solar stay onsite and be used later in the day and reshape the Duck from behind the meter.
    4. That is not only when we pay the most for a lot of energy sources, but it's also in many cases when we have some of the dirtiest sources that are available, simply because that's all that's there.
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