1. Battery Storage Comes to the Blockchain

    Battery Storage Comes to the Blockchain

    An alliance announced in March could result in one of the most complete blockchain-based energy trading pilots to date — by adding batteries into the mix. Sonnen’s decision to join the NEMoGrid project in Europe is thought to be the first instance of a battery vendor taking part in a blockchain energy trading experiment. The project will look at the economic and technical impact of electricity trading between households within a region, said Sonnen in a press release.

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    1. The goal of energy supply must be to generate as much clean energy as possible right where it is being consumed.
    2. I expect the rationale feeds into sonnen's commitment to offering a platform for electricity trading.
    3. The ability for residential customers to sell electricity to one another is something that's discussed a lot in the electricity market in general, and more storage players are discussing and planning for how they can get in on the action.
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