1. Goldwind Installs Primus Power Energy Storage System at Beijing Campus

    Goldwind Installs Primus Power Energy Storage System at Beijing Campus

    HAYWARD, Calif., April 01, 2018 - Primus Power (“Primus”), the leading long duration stationary energy storage company, announced today that Etechwin is operating an EnergyPod 2 at their Beijing campus. Etechwin is the microgrid subsidiary of Goldwind, a world-leading wind turbine manufacturer. The curtailment on wind energy is a significant economic problem, especially in western China. As stated by Bloomberg, "drawing upon data from China's National Energy Administration, Bloomberg New Energy Finance recently estimated that owners of China’s wind and solar assets forewent approximately $4.7 billion in potential revenue due to curtailment in 2017.” In June 2017, the Qinghai province recognized the critical role that energy storage can play to reduce curtailment and proposed new legislation that would mandate the use of energy storage systems with new wind turbine installations.

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    1. Policy makers in China are considering a mandate that energy storage be incorporated with all new grid connected wind developments.
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