1. Sunnova Enters the Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Market

    Sunnova Enters the Residential Solar-Plus-Storage Market

    Houston-based rooftopsolarfinancier Sunnova has entered the solar-plus-storage market. The company launched its SunSafe offering in the California market as a 25-year lease deal, with a full warranty and performance guarantee. That gives it a longer product life than other offerings currently on the market. Customers are free to pay down their contract earlier if they wish, said CEO John Berger. The key value is that Sunnova will maintain the system's operational capabilities for the full 25 years.

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    1. Other lease providers are starting to take note and realize that financing storage might be the best way to continue to grow in the TPO space.
    2. If our customers had had batteries before Irma and Maria, they would have had electricity.
    3. We have a full commitment to the partner model, not a half commitment.
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