1. New Business Models May be the Next Frontier in Lower Energy Storage Costs

    New Business Models May be the Next Frontier in Lower Energy Storage Costs

    s the markets for energy storage continue to grow and companies in those markets mature, business models and financing mechanisms are getting more attention. Those models can involve alternatives to a traditional asset sale approach that can reduce the cost of entry for potential customers and lower the cost of capital for energy storage companies. The trend was highlighted last week when Younicos announced its energy storage rental service. Renting energy storage equipment was an obvious step for Younicos, given that its corporate parent, Aggreko, rents power generation equipment on a global scale.

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    1. We reduce customers' bills and generate savings, and we get a service fee.
    2. The most valuable use for stationary storage is T&D deferral.
    3. Younicos's announcement is a validation of our work with NRG and ConEd.
    4. We like to anchor our projects with utilities.
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