1. Hawaiian Electric, Amber Kinetics Testing Kinetic Energy Storage Pilot

    Hawaiian Electric, Amber Kinetics Testing Kinetic Energy Storage Pilot

    March 13 (Renewables Now) - Hawaiian Electric said on Monday it has launched operations of a 8-kW/32-kWh energy storage system (KESS) powered by Amber Kinetics’ flywheel technology. Hawaii-based company American Electric Co LLC installed the five-tonne flywheel at Hawaiian Electric’s Campbell Industrial Park generating station on Oahu. The system, which stores electricity as rotational kinetic energy, can charge and discharge for multiple duty cycles per day with no loss of capacity.

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    1. Our evaluation of this very promising energy storage system will help us determine how we can use flywheels to help integrate renewables at a lower cost while improving reliability and resiliency of the grid.
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