1. MISO Energy Storage Task Force Talks FERC Order 841

    MISO Energy Storage Task Force Talks FERC Order 841

    MISO’s Energy Storage Task Force has been left wondering if it will help shape the RTO’s response to FERC’s sweeping storage participation order issued last month. The task force has yet to learn its role in working with MISO staff to craft market rules to comply with Order 841, which directs RTOs and ISOs to remove barriers preventing storage from participating in energy, capacity and ancillary service markets. RTOs will be given 270 days from publication in the Federal Register to file revised tariff language with FERC outlining a participation model and another year to implement the changes.

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    1. Frankly, we don't know how this will affect the task force.
    2. MISO is actively working on the Order 841 compliance filing though it has not yet appeared in the Federal Register.
    3. FERC was clear that they don't want to change market rules to accommodate storage, but they want it to be able to participate.
    4. I don't think your concern is overblown.
    5. I think, to me, FERC did exactly what it's supposed to do; it provided an endpoint and left it up to the RTOs how to get there, recognizing how unique each of these markets are.
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