1. Valuing Resilience Can Change the Breakeven Point for Solar-Plus-Storage

    Valuing Resilience Can Change the Breakeven Point for Solar-Plus-Storage

    Power outages caused by extreme weather events serve as all-too-frequent reminders of the vulnerability of buildings to grid disruptions. But what if building owners accounted for the value of avoided grid outages when deciding whether to invest in projects that could supply uninterruptible power after natural disasters? A new study by researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in collaboration with Clean Energy Group, a Vermont-based nonprofit, finds that “accounting for the cost of electric grid power outages can change the breakeven point for PV and storage system investment.”

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    1. I would call this a rather conservative estimate of the value you would get for a project from including the resiliency.
    2. The reason we were interested in this, is resiliency is of increasing interest to a lot of building owners and other stakeholders, particularly city planners, city governments that are concerned about the impacts of power outages for extended periods of time.
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