1. Solar Plus Storage Microgrids Bring Relief to Puerto Rico — And Hint of the Future

    Solar Plus Storage Microgrids Bring Relief to Puerto Rico — And Hint of the Future

    At the tail end of installing 15 solar plus storage microgrids across Puerto Rico — all of the work charitable — Sonnen and Pura Energia are providing humanitarian relief and a hint of the energy model the island could become.The latest installation, for a school in the mountain town of Orocovis, comes as over 14 percent of Puerto Ricans remain without power following last Fall’s Hurricane Maria. 

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    1. The microgrid is donated, but had they had to cover the total cost of project it would probably take 2.5 to three years, and the electricity service they now have is much more reliable. It operates 24×7.
    2. We installed our first seven systems within two months of the hurricane.
    3. We evaluate each system to best meet the needs of the site, so we don't know what the total installed capacity will be, but the systems average 10 kWh of storage and 5 kW of PV production.
    4. The Lares project is unique in that it aims to provide a permanently powered housing option to local farmers whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane, but who did not own the land their homes were on.
    5. It's not definite, but there will be two, 16 kWh Sonnen [battery storage systems] and we will install about 10 kW of solar PV capacity.
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