1. Fluence, Battery Makers to Gain as Arizona Considers Storage Goal (Corrected)

    Fluence, Battery Makers to Gain as Arizona Considers Storage Goal (Corrected)

    Arizona is poised to join states that have adopted or are considering adopting energy storage goals for solar and wind in a possible move that’s expected to benefit large-battery makers such as Fluence. The Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to vote in late February on whether to move forward with a proposed energy modernization plan calling for 3 gigawatts of energy storage by 2030, which, if adopted, could become the largest energy-storage mandate in the country. The plan also calls for 80 percent of the state’s electricity to be generated using renewables by 2050.

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    1. Adopting the proposed plan and target would give a strong show of confidence by the commission to both utilities and the energy storage sector that storage should scale up in the state.
    2. We are also looking at battery systems that can be charged by solar arrays, and once they're charged, we'd deliver that power later in the day when demand is higher.
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