1. Arizona Regulator Proposes Major Clean Energy Goals

    Arizona Regulator Proposes Major Clean Energy Goals

    An Arizona utility regulator has made a sweeping energy policy reform proposal, which includes a call for 80% of the state’s electricity generation to come from clean energy by 2050 along with the goal of having 3 GW of energy storage deployed by 2030. Introduced by Arizona Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin, the plan would build on the state’s current 15% by 2025 renewable energy standard established by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in 2006 and make Arizona home to some of the most aggressive clean energy and storage targets in the U.S.

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    1. This plan establishes Arizona as a nationwide leader in clean energy.
    2. It's been over a decade since the Corporation Commission passed the REST, and the energy landscape in Arizona and across the country is drastically different today.
    3. Utilities in Arizona are already partnering with leading companies to deploy proven new technologies in energy storage.
    4. We've held multiple workshops to hear from a variety of stakeholders on a host of issues whose comments have helped to formulate this plan.
    5. The work we have been able to do with Commissioner Boyd Dunn to highlight the urgent need for action on our forests and the role that utilities can play in making a difference has been outstanding.
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