1. S&C Electric Leaves the Energy Storage Production Business

    S&C Electric Leaves the Energy Storage Production Business

    Chicago grid equipment company S&C Electric built its first large-scale battery storage system in 2006, before almost anyone else was doing it. Now, it's winding down that line of business. Storage will still feature in its microgrid offerings, but the employee-owned company will procure it rather than producing it in-house, said Senior Director for Business Development David Chiesa. Meanwhile, S&C is refocusing on what it sees as its core competency: medium-voltage switching and protection, with a special focus on microgrids.

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    1. We have other people in the marketplace who are taking single use type energy storage systems and just throwing them at the market for some incredible prices.
    2. For years we survived in that specialty space because we knew how to integrate the really hard jobs.
    3. When we recognize we need to change, we have a responsibility to our employee owners, just like a public company does to their shareholders, to do the best thing for the company.
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