1. Engie to Buy Majority Stake in Energy Storage Provider EPS

    Engie to Buy Majority Stake in Energy Storage Provider EPS

    Engie has agreed to buy a controlling stake of a little over 50% in Electro Power Systems (EPS), a France-based provider of hybrid energy storage systems and microgrids. The stake will be bought from the main shareholders of EPS which includes 360° Capital Management, Ersel Asset Management SGR and Prima Industrie at a price of €9.5 per share.

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    1. We share Engie's strategic vision of a paradigm shift in the energy system towards decentralized energy solutions: in advanced economies renewables are displacing conventional centralized power plants, calling for distributed energy storage to secure flexibility and capacity; thus, value added migrates from traditional energy supply to the delivery of advanced services.
    2. EPS is a recognized technology provider in the micro-grid market with a differentiating control technology and already significant micro-grid installed base, in particular in Africa and Asia Pacific.
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