1. Microgrid Knowledge Stories that Made the 2017 Most Read List

    Microgrid Knowledge Stories that Made the 2017 Most Read List

    As we compiled this year’s list of most-read Microgrid Knowledge stories, we were intrigued to see what captured — and kept capturing — our readers’ attention. Storms, wildfires, innovations, blockchain, energy storage, solar and the city of Pittsburgh were among the winning topics. Companies in the top 10 articles include ABB, Consolidated Edison, Demand Energy, Duquesne Light, Enchanted Rock, Enel, ESS, GI Energy, Hitachi, LO3 Energy, Navigant Consulting, Northern Reliability, NRG Energy, PECO, S&C Electric, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Stone Edge Farm, TECO, Tesla and SimpliPhi Power.

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