1. Energy Storage Well Past the 'Tipping Point,' Panel Says

    Energy Storage Well Past the 'Tipping Point,' Panel Says

    WASHINGTON — Speakers at the GridWise Alliance’s GridCONNEXT conference last week left no doubt: Electric storage is long past the “tipping point.” Moderator Ram Sastry, vice president of infrastructure and business continuity for American Electric Power, had posed the question: “Are we going to see large-scale deployment of energy storage systems? And if not, what’s stopping that?”

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    1. There haven't been any components that needed to be invented for any of the deployments that we've done, because they're all based on lithium ion battery technology, which was commercialized 25 years ago and has benefited from its use in the consumer electronics and transportation sector.
    2. I think you could argue that the tipping point was several years ago when big PJM systems started to come online.
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