1. Is 35 GW of Energy Storage Possible by 2035?

    Is 35 GW of Energy Storage Possible by 2035?

    Energy storage could save the grid $4 billion in all and add as as many as 167,000 new jobs. That is according to the Energy Storage Association that says as much as 35 gigawatts of new energy storage could be added by 2025, all of which would alleviate the pressures that the current system faces. In its so-called “35×25: A Vision for Energy Storage” white paper, the Energy Storage Association did note that the US now has about 0.5 gigawatts of installed energy storage, deployed at both the retail and wholesale levels. In conjunction with its partner, Navigant Research, it says that getting to 35 gigawatts is possible because markets need it. 

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    1. Energy storage is the key to creating a powerful energy ecosystem whose backbone is an efficient, resilient, affordable, and sustainable grid. The ESA Vision will require a great deal of collaboration and commitment from all parties.
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