1. Rhode Island Grid Mod Plan to Focus on Renewables Integration, Cost Control

    Rhode Island Grid Mod Plan to Focus on Renewables Integration, Cost Control

    Rhode Island energy officials say the state's efforts to modernize its electric grid will be a "complex undertaking" as well as a "huge opportunity" that ultimately will help control costs, while creating a more resilient and cleaner system. The state's energy agencies Nov. 17 submitted to Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) a report outlining steps to overhaul Rhode Island's electrical grid, with a focus on controlling costs, integrating more green power, improving service and overhauling utility incentive models.

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    1. Transforming Rhode Island's electric grid will be a complex undertaking, but the recommendations in this report are a critical first step.
    2. Today, with the addition of renewable energy systems throughout the grid, that electricity flows both ways.
    3. Power sector transformation in Rhode Island could really be a game changer for how we look at — and interact with — the grid of the future.
    4. The rapid advancement of information management, communications, power distribution, and consumer products have shown the potential to transform our electrical grid.
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