1. Panel Eyes Room for Both Gas Peakers, Battery Storage in Power Markets

    Panel Eyes Room for Both Gas Peakers, Battery Storage in Power Markets

    The power industry is seeing a heightened need for peaking-capacity resources as capacity from retiring power plants is lost and higher levels of renewable generation is integrated. This potentially sets up a battle for market share between natural gas-fired generators that are currently the dominant source of peaking capacity and battery energy storage systems that have seen significant cost declines in recent years, an industry panel said Tuesday.

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    1. You have a discount in the real-time market, thereby you are saving the ratepayers if you can buy energy for your system in real time.
    2. The big thing we are seeing is more value in flexibility in markets.
    3. Essentially they're trying to mimic all the attributes that make storage the ultimate peaking technology, so it's part of a very natural transition of our enlightenment toward storage becoming the dominant peaking technology in the US.
    4. One of the things that is important for FERC rules going forward is recognizing that a variety of ... resources [not categorized as power plants] can meet the same needs and provide the same services.
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