1. Electric Resilience: Why We Need to Quantify its Value

    Electric Resilience: Why We Need to Quantify its Value

    Power outages are a nuisance to some, an economic burden to others, and even lethal in some cases. Because the pain that outages inflict varies so much, it is hard to place a universal price on electric resilience. So it is crucial that each customer knows what power loss costs them as they weigh their need for a microgrid, according to Michael Bakas, senior vice president of Massachusetts-based Ameresco.

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    1. Network downtimes, natural disasters and external attacks – like we had here with the [Boston] marathon bombing – are increasing the need for grid-connected facilities to become more independent.
    2. Back-up generators failed, and wastewater treatment plants were dumping raw sewage into rivers in New Jersey…Hospitals had to vacate and move their patients to other hospitals in NYC. That woke everyone up.
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