1. Battery Storage Uptake by Households Surges as Grid Costs Soar

    Battery Storage Uptake by Households Surges as Grid Costs Soar

    Battery storage system installations in Australia look set to confirm predictions they will treble in 2017, driven by a growing uptake of home battery systems. New data shows more than 7000 were installed across the nation in the first six month of the year – surpassing the 6500 sales recorded for all of 2016 – and are headed for a total of more than 20,000 by the year’s end. According to the SunWiz 2017 Mid-Year Battery Report, published on Wednesday, the market predicts the second half of 2017 to grow by 50 per cent on 2017-H1 figures, leading to total 2017 installations of 17,500. SunWiz, however, believes the figure could exceed 20,000.

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    1. We are already seeing extraordinary growth in the Australian battery market despite little change in the price point, with a doubling of the market already appearing locked in this year on top of a 13-fold increase in 2016.
    2. Experience gained in Australia will therefore be leveraged when battery manufacturers expand their attention internationally.
    3. Affordability is also a consideration – particularly as consumers are hesitant to lock in $10k+ into a technology in its infancy.
    4. Australia's battery market is still an overwhelmingly residential market. We expect more utility-scale volume to occur in H2 than commercial installations – for example Tesla has only publicised the installation of one commercial system so far.
    5. Though the AESDB shows Kingfisher stage 2 as 100MWh, Lyon's website claims 20MWh minimum, operational in 2017.
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