1. Stem Hails California Assemblyman's Bid to Cut Energy Storage Permitting Costs

    Stem Hails California Assemblyman's Bid to Cut Energy Storage Permitting Costs

    Legislation recently introduced in California to cut red tape and reduce permitting times for energy storage systems and currently awaiting the state Governor’s rubber stamp could also halve the costs associated with paperwork, commercial system provider Stem has said. Assembly Bill 546 (AB 546) was authored by Democrat David Chiu, representing the 17th Assembly District of California, which includes the eastern half of San Francisco. The bill, which seeks to streamline permitting processes by, among other things, allowing for online forms to be submitted for approval, passed the Assembly floor successfully on 7 September. It now awaits the attention of the California Governor, climate hawk Jerry Brown.

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    1. As California becomes increasingly reliant on intermittent renewable energy resources, it will need options to allow it to manage fluctuations in electric supply and demand.
    2. We find that when a city or county gains experience with storage permitting, it gradually reduces the currently disparate and confusing processes to only the most relevant steps and fees; putting documents and steps online similarly speeds the process and cuts unnecessary costs.
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