1. Is the DOE Really in Love with all of the Above?

    Is the DOE Really in Love with all of the Above?

    Nearly four weeks after it was released, we are still marveling at how the U.S. Department of Energy’s much anticipated grid generation report could seemingly make everyone happy and angry at the same time. In some ways, it seems that readers of the DOE’s “Staff Report to the Energy Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability” saw endorsements for new technologies that, in fact, the report was calling into question. And they may be ignoring what that could mean in the future. “Staff Report” did not re-invent the turbine, but will provide fuel for thought in the years ahead. Our great nation is at a crossroads, where the road from one-way, fossil-fueled generation is turning in the direction of two-way, highly automated and renewable-friendly generation. There is no going back…

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