1. Vestas Confirms Tesla Joint Project

    Vestas Confirms Tesla Joint Project

    Vestas said in March it was looking to increase its involvement in intergrating wind and storage solutions and has been working on a number of small-scale projects over recent years. Notably, it installed a battery system at its Lem Kjaer site in Denmark and also has hybrid wind-solar or wind-solar-storage projects in Greece and Kenya, respectively. 

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    1. Across a number of projects, Vestas is working with different energy storage technologies with specialised companies, including Tesla, to explore and test how wind turbines and energy storage can work together in sustainable energy solutions that can lower the cost of energy.
    2. Starting in 2012 with a project in Lem-Kjaer, Vestas is, through a number of pilot projects, exploring the integration of wind energy with energy storage and plans to commission additional projects across the globe in the future.
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