1. Progress Builds for MISO Energy Storage Effort

    Progress Builds for MISO Energy Storage Effort

    CARMEL, Ind. — While a MISO workshop last week fell short of defining potential market rules for energy storage devices, it did provide stakeholders an opportunity to hash out their thoughts on a technology that straddles the boundaries between generation and transmission. During the RTO’s first energy storage workshop last month, stakeholders advised it to consider all the capabilities and types of battery storage before drafting market rules and creating definitions. 

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    1. I feel like I learn something new about these things every day.
    2. The faster you can solve the [frequency] degradation, the fewer megawatts you need.
    3. We like to talk about storage as one kind of animal, but it's not. It's a whole zoo of animals.
    4. Real-time operators don't like change. They know what works and they're comfortable with it. … Just like you, I see some arms crossed out there.
    5. These things are slicker than snot and can do a lot of things in a very short period of time.
    6. I think these are all good questions.
    7. But none of these [questions] are showstoppers. It's just how to manage them.
    8. Whatever the process, I don't want to halt the progress of these Lego blocks, as Lin called it.
    9. I think it's fair to say if we did that now, we'd have a lot of question marks in there.
    10. That's fine. This [menu] would tee that up.
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