1. Lithium-ion Predicted to Dominate Even in ‘Longer Duration’ Global Market

    Lithium-ion Predicted to Dominate Even in ‘Longer Duration’ Global Market

    There is a global trend towards longer duration energy storage and even in this segment, lithium-ion batteries are expected to dominate the market over flow batteries and other technologies, an I.H.S Markit analyst has told Energy-Storage.News. The research firm issued its bi-annual Grid-Connected Energy Storage Tracker to its clients at the end of July, predicting the rise of grid-connected systems from an installed base of less than 4GW today to hit 52GW by 2025.

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    1. At the moment it's mainly around somewhere between 2-6 hours, that's where a lot of growth is going to be.
    2. I think the main thing at the moment is that it's more competitive on price.
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