1. Indian Tax Reform Uncertainty Concerns Energy Storage ndustry

    Indian Tax Reform Uncertainty Concerns Energy Storage ndustry

    A lack of clarity around India’s recently enforced Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill has caused a PV tender delay in the state of Gujarat and prompted the nation’s energy storage alliance industry group to write a letter of appeal to the government. The India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has now sent a letter to energy minister Piyush Goyal asking for clarity over taxes on separate segments of cells and batteries.

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    1. We believe the rates currently proposed for these components if applicable also to secondary batteries (i.e. rechargeable batteries/energy storage) could hinder the adoption of energy storage in grid applications such as energy access/renewable energy (RE) integration as well as large-scale adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in the country.
    2. Plus there is some apprehension from some of the international companies that are importing; there will be 10% basic customs duty, so all in, it could end up being 38% duty.
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