1. Multiple Indian 'Gigafactories' Expected by 2019

    Multiple Indian 'Gigafactories' Expected by 2019

    At least two global technology leaders could set up Gigafactories to manufacture lithium-ion cells in India in the next couple of years, according to the head of the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). This focus is being driven by opportunities in both stationary and electric vehicle (EV) applications in India, particularly with the government goal of making all vehicles electric by 2030.

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    1. Right now we are seeing almost every major industrial group in India creating internal energy storage teams and looking at opportunities for how they can get involved in the supply chain either on the manufacturing side, the services side or EPC side.
    2. The way we see it is that right now India has a big opportunity.
    3. On one side, lots of this renewable deployment is driven by focus of the Finance Ministry to reduce dependence on oil imports, but to some extent India is just replacing that one import to another import.
    4. Once we have the economies of scale I think India can become actually an energy storage export hub for at least MENA region, Southeast Asia, if not other parts.
    5. There is lots of activity we are seeing on the ground in India and that's where some of these delays are very frustrating because industry has now really taken up and it is aided by obviously the global advances in technology.
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