1. Today's Top Solar Developers Have Become Storage Developers Too

    Today's Top Solar Developers Have Become Storage Developers Too

    The solar industry is no longer just talking about pairing energy storage with solar generation. An increasing number of solar-plus-storage projects have been cropping up around the country, as lithium-ion prices drop lower and customers get more comfortable with storage technology. The AES plant in Kauai set a record low price in January, only to be beaten by Tucson Electric Power's sub-4.5 cents per kilowatt-hour PPA announced in May -- proving this technology isn't just for islands and remote microgrids any more.

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    1. This is well beyond one developer -- this is really a trend we're seeing in the industry.
    2. At the time, First Solar CTO Raffi Garabedian commented that.
    3. It's a small cost to gain the optionality later.
    4. It's really become cost effective in roughly the last year or year and a half for dispatchable PV.
    5. The human capital…want to be in this sector and want to make a difference.
    6. We designed facilities to be able to go back in and add storage when it became economical.
    7. Hopefully there are some synergies we pick up from being one and the same family.
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