1. Environmental Leader Names Denver Solar+Storage Microgrid a 2017 Project of the Year

    Environmental Leader Names Denver Solar+Storage Microgrid a 2017 Project of the Year

    Panasonic-led solar-plus-storage microgrid in Denver wins 2017 Environmental Leader Project of the Year. Organized by Environmental Leader magazine, a leading trade publication focused on corporate energy management, environmental and sustainability initiatives, the annual Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards recognize excellence and innovation in products, services and projects that support business’ efforts in these areas, including positively impacting the bottom line. A panel of independent judges scored projects. Peter Bussey of LNS Research headed the panel. Judges came from across the corporate environmental and sustainability space, including: ATT, Best Buy, Caesars, Fetzer Vineyards, General Motors, Kellogg, Marriott, MillerCoors, Novartis, Safeway, Sears Holdings Corporation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and Tyco Global Products.

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    1. We're honored to receive this recognition from Environmental Leader.
    2. Solar PV and battery energy storage systems will be core technologies in the future electricity grid.
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