1. Australian Push May Open More Doors for Batteries on Power Grids

    Australian Push May Open More Doors for Batteries on Power Grids

    MELBOURNE  - Battery makers worldwide are watching to see whether Australia's most wind power-dependent state can keep the lights on by installing grid-scale batteries by December, which could help drive the growth of renewable energy across Australia and Asia. A decade-long political stalemate in Australia over energy and climate policy has effectively led to power and gas shortages and soaring energy prices threatening industry and households.

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    1. Combined renewable energy generation and storage solutions are becoming genuine competitors with fossil fuel baseĀ load generation. This will be the real game changer.
    2. Projects such as those in South Australia and California demonstrate that there is now significant growth to come in the grid support sector.
    3. The analogy I like to use is: that's a Tesla car with no wheels and no battery, no interconnection.
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