1. Battery Storage Goes Mainstream

    Battery Storage Goes Mainstream

    Grid-connected batteries have long been touted as a tantalizing prospect that could help balance electricity supply and demand as the amount of installed variable renewable generation ramps up. New developments suggest that prospect is now a reality.

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    1. Energy storage is set to grow as fast as solar photovoltaic energy has in recent years, sparking strong interest from a wide range of players and underscored by recent mergers and acquisitions among car manufacturers, major oil and gas companies, and conventional power suppliers.
    2. Under synergistic circumstances, mergers can certainly jumpstart long-term growth for an enterprise, but the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions is between 70%–90%.
    3. Also, its high energy density and operating temperatures along with the corrosive nature of sodium polysulfide make it suitable for large grid energy storage.
    4. It is expected that the majority of these remote power systems will include energy storage as the technology continues to decrease in price, and many power systems will begin to rely more heavily on variable renewables.
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