1. Eaton and Powin Team up to Deliver 2 MW Power Storage to So Cal

    Eaton and Powin Team up to Deliver 2 MW Power Storage to So Cal

    Power management company Eaton today announced a contract with Powin Energy to deliver a two-megawatt energy storage project in the Los Angeles Basin to support regional electric capacity and grid reliability. The project is part of the Southern California Edison 2016 Aliso Canyon Energy Storage Resources Adequacy (RA) Only solicitation, which procured fast-responding energy storage resources. Eaton is the single source provider for the energy storage inverter and balance of system equipment.

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    1. Powin Energy and Eaton worked together to help expedite and simplify the deployment of a dynamic energy storage system.
    2. The energy storage projects in Southern California are a key part of a broader initiative that will help develop next-generation energy infrastructure to enhance grid reliability and stability across the entire L.A. Basin.
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