1. RedT to Deliver 1MWh of Flow Batteries to West of England Project

    RedT to Deliver 1MWh of Flow Batteries to West of England Project

    UK flow battery provider redT will deliver a 1.08MWh energy storage project to support the distributed energy system in Cornwall, England, and potentially take part in utility Centrica’s developing 'virtual energy marketplace'. The storage technology company has signed an agreement with The Olde House, a working farm and holiday retreat situated in North Cornwall in the southwestern tip of the UK, to supply six of its energy storage solutions originally destined for a Scottish wind project.

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    1. We are very privileged to be working with Centrica and The Olde House on this exciting project, which will demonstrate how liquid energy storage machines can be utilised in a commercial environment to create new savings and revenue streams for the site owner and support the distributed energy market in Cornwall.
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