1. Battery Storage Already Competitive With Pumped Hydro, Says Arena

    Battery Storage Already Competitive With Pumped Hydro, Says Arena

    As Australia’s renewable energy industry awaits the imminent outcome of the South Australian government’s inaugural large-scale energy storage auction, the CFO of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency has described two of the key competing technologies – large-scale battery systems and pumped hydro – as neck and neck on pricing. Speaking at the 2017 Large-Scale Solar Conference co-hosted by RenewEconomy and Informa in Sydney on Monday, ARENA CFO Ian Kay said projects pairing 100MW of renewable energy generation with 100MWh of energy storage were “about equal” in cost.

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    1. If you've got 100MW with 100MWh, then batteries and pumped hydro are about equal.
    2. With all of that, together with solar thermal, where you get storage and generation, it feels to us that there will be a place in the market for those technologies.
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