1. Mitsubishi, Eneco Work Together on 50MWh Energy Storage Project in Germany

    Mitsubishi, Eneco Work Together on 50MWh Energy Storage Project in Germany

    The latest project to be dubbed “Europe’s largest battery” will be a 50MWh project from Dutch energy supplier Eneco and Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation in Jardelund, Germany. Perhaps more notable than just the size will be the significant role of the battery-based energy storage system in the Schleswig-Holstein region where Jardelund is, close to the Danish border. It will provide frequency regulation to the grid and be used to replace baseload electricity supplied traditionally by coal and gas power plants.

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    1. This project is a significant step forward to the realisation of the sustainable society.
    2. Although, fortunately, the share of sustainable energy is increasing rapidly, it does pose a challenge for the energy grid. In our view, the solution to this is twofold: smart matching of supply and demand and a combination of small-scale and large-scale energy storage.
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