1. 3 reasons to get charged up about energy storage

    3 reasons to get charged up about energy storage

    In the world of electricity, few topics are generating more headlines this year than energy storage. Market watcher Navigant Research figures more than 1,420 projects are under way across the power grid, with a new installation trumpeted almost every week. "Overall, the global energy storage industry is poised to continue to grow quickly over the next several years," Navigant analyst Ian McClenny noted in a recent update about the market. "With emerging infrastructure becoming increasingly integrated, dynamic and complex, flexible resources like storage will provide added value to existing and new power-generating assets."

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    1. It's fair to say we don't have long-range experience with this technology to say that it is perfect or a nirvana.
    2. The industrial building segment is expected to be the largest, deploying an estimated 9.3 gigawatts of cumulative new capacity over the coming decade, followed by the office and education building segments.
    3. The most common reason we see people deploying these technologies is to reduce peak consumption.
    4. We're taking the load off the peak and throwing it into the downtime.
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