1. Primus Power Announces Completion of $32M Financing Round

    Primus Power Announces Completion of $32M Financing Round

    HAYWARD, Calif., March 23, 2017 -- Today Primus Power (“Primus”), a leader in stationary energy storage systems, announced that it has secured $32 million in equity financing.  New investors include Hong Kong’s Success Dragon (HKG:1182) and Matador Capital, the investment office of a well known Saudi family.  Existing investors Anglo American Platinum, DBL Partners, I2BF and the Russia Kazakhstan Nanotechnology Fund also participated.  With this fundraising, Primus has raised $94 million in equity and $20 million in government grants since its founding in 2009. The new funds will help accelerate the commercial momentum of EnergyPod® 2  - a safe, low-cost and long-duration electrical energy storage system. These modular battery systems pair a unique zinc bromide chemistry with patented innovations to deliver a multi-hour performance and a multi-decade life at an industry-leading low total cost of ownership.

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