1. The Next Big Battery Advances to Watch From Argonne National Lab

    The Next Big Battery Advances to Watch From Argonne National Lab

    Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory helped kick off the modern energy storage race with their diligent experimentation on lithium-ion batteries. Their patents have ended up in the technology that powers the Chevy Volt and contributed to stationary storage for buildings and the grid. Today's batteries, though, have not reached their full potential for power density, duration or cycle life.

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    1. At its ultimate limit, like an internal combustion engine, if you had a huge tank full of gasoline and a tiny four-cylinder engine, all-in the cost is only the cost of gasoline in the tank.
    2. The size we've picked [for the test cell] is the size that our industry partners have told us, 'If you can do something there and it looks promising, we think we can take it from there.
    3. We've tested it, we've verified it, we're getting ready for publication.
    4. At the gas station, you would have a light station.
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