1. Engie S A : The rise of solar energy

    Engie S A : The rise of solar energy

    There are a number of reasons that explain the boom in solar energy: installations are more powerful and less expensive, investments have been stepped up, and more encouraging regulations have been introduced. As a result, in more and more countries, industrial operators and electricity producers such as ENGIE are focusing on this solution of the future. The sun is a source of energy with considerable potential to fight against climate change, stimulate growth and enable widespread access to energy: it is virtually unlimited, easily available, present in practically every country in the world, non carbon-emitting, and can be exploited on either a small-scale or a large-scale basis. At the present time, there is no technological barrier holding back the energy transition towards solar energy. It is rather financial and legal issues that are restraining it, but these are in the process of changing all around the world. The time for solar energy has dawned.

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