1. Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets: Microgrids as Big Batteries?

    Energy Storage in Wholesale Markets: Microgrids as Big Batteries?

    Comments have poured into the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on proposed rules that would boost energy storage in wholesale markets. 

    Issued in November, the FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) attempts to smooth the way for energy storage to transact in six regional wholesale markets that span much of the U.S. The proposal (RM-16-23) also gives distributed energy aggregators wholesale market inroads. As is customary, FERC has called on stakeholders to comment on the ideas before it puts them into effect. More than 100 companies, utilities, organizations and state agencies have weighed i

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    1. It is probably the most significant thing at the federal level ever in terms of the rules changing for our business model.
    2. It is finally going to make the different wholesale markets around the country adjust their rules to accommodate what energy storage is capable of doing.
    3. We're just looking for the rules to catch up and accommodate what we can do.
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