1. Lead Acid Storage Firm Ecoult Receives ARENA Funding to Help India Expansion

    Lead Acid Storage Firm Ecoult Receives ARENA Funding to Help India Expansion

    Sydney-based lead-acid energy storage specialist Ecoult has secured AU$4.1 million (US$3.13 million) recoupable funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to develop and commericalise its UltraBattery products. This supports a AU$10.6 million (US$8 million) venture from Ecoult to enhance its lead-acid battery’s performance and the extra funding will also be used for the expansion of the company’s engineering team in Sydney. It will also help Ecoult move into international markets after it recently signed a global manufacturing deal with India’s largest battery manufacturer, Exide Industries, which will manufacture and distribute the UltraBattery in India and South Asia.

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    1. Our team has developed energy storage systems to enhance renewable adoption in Australia at the same time contributing to the global evolution in the way people and companies think about application of energy storage alongside renewable energy.
    2. Storage is critical for increasing the reliability of our on-grid and off-grid power systems. It can give customers more control over their energy by storing solar through the day to use during the evening peak.
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