1. Duke Energy Partnership with City, County May Avoid Third Power Plant

    Duke Energy Partnership with City, County May Avoid Third Power Plant

    ASHEVILLE — Momentum is building in the effort to avoid construction of one of three natural gas plants Duke Energy planned to build that would replace the coal plant on Lake Julian. At Tuesday’s joint City Council and County Commissioners meeting, members of the Energy Innovation Task Force, comprised of local government as well as representatives from Duke Energy, and Rocky Mountain Institute announced that they have begun to research options for the taxpayers and for the environment. They hope to present a two-year plan in the next few months before the City Council hears budget proposals.

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    1. It's a very expensive investment that will be used very infrequently.
    2. It's not just about the environment.
    3. We're going to create a national model by working together.
    4. This is an example of the community coming together as a catalyst for change.
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