1. AEMO Hires New York Energy Reformer as New CEO

    AEMO Hires New York Energy Reformer as New CEO

    The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has hired Audrey Zibelman, one of the leading players in New York’s ground-breaking “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV), as its new chief executive. Audrey ZibelmanThe appointment of Zibelman (pictured right) follows the death last year of her predecessor Matt Zema, and could signal the biggest ever shift in culture and technology of the AEMO, which is responsible for the operation of Australia’s main grids, but which has been criticised in some quarters for its slow response to renewable energy and other new technologies.

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    1. Audrey's vast experience in creating and managing new wholesale electricity markets, and transforming existing energy markets and large power systems will further strengthen the work that AEMO has undertaken to support Australia's energy industry transformation.
    2. We've certainly have laid the groundwork, and this year we're really working on the execution.
    3. The more states that take a look at what we're doing — how do you use more distributed resources better, how do you make it part of the grid — it creates greater market opportunities.
    4. I think the state is taking on extremely ambitious goals.
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