1. DOE Secretary Moniz's Exit Memo Extolls Solar Progress

    DOE Secretary Moniz's Exit Memo Extolls Solar Progress

    Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz fondly described solar’s rise from a niche market to a U.S. energy supply mainstay in his exit memo, his last statement before he leaves the office. Moniz, who oversaw such successful programs as the department’s Sunshot Initiative the Department of Energy (DOE)’s successful Loan Program, said the amount of solar powering U.S. homes, businesses and military installations has increased from 1.2 GW to 31 GW in 2016.

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    1. During the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which included more than $90 billion in investment and tax credits to boost the clean energy economy.
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