1. Ambri Returns to The Energy Storage Hunt With Liquid Metal Battery Redesign

    Ambri Returns to The Energy Storage Hunt With Liquid Metal Battery Redesign

    Ambri, with its liquid metal battery technology, has returned to the energy storage race after "a pause" in which it redesigned its high-temperature seals and worked on other facets of its storage system. Getting an entirely new and novel battery chemistry to commercial scale is Sisyphean work. About a year ago, the firm had to lay off approximately 25 percent of its staff because the startup had "not made the technology progress [it] had anticipated." The CEO said at the time, "Bringing new scientific discoveries in the physical sciences to commercial success is hard; the process is not entirely knowable or amenable to predictable timelines." The firm had been working on prototype storage systems with project partners such as Hawaiian Electric and Con Edison.

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    1. We will be building a commercial Ambri system in our lab next year which will be more than 500 kilowatt-hours in capacity. We will deploy our first systems of this size with customers in 2018.
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