1. Is the 'Babylon Battery' the World's First Electrochemical Battery?

    Is the 'Babylon Battery' the World's First Electrochemical Battery?

    GTM attended last week's Bay Area Battery Summit at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and witnessed a presenter (who shall remain anonymous) claim without reservation that the first battery, the first electrochemical cell, was about 2,500 years old. It was supposedly discovered at a Mesopotamian archeological dig near Baghdad, Iraq (or possibly in the basement of the Baghdad Museum). He said, "This is the very first one, the Baghdad Battery."

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    1. The good news -- and just to juxtapose the California situation with the national situation -- is the clean energy future in California seems pretty clear and bright, and, if anything the recent election involved a lot of local leaders being elected who ran on clean energy platforms.
    2. I technically work for Engie, which is formerly GDF Suez, which is the largest independent power producer in the world. In April, Engie acquired Green Charge, and the mantra in Paris, where Engie's headquarters is simply.
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