1. SolarCity Has a Plan to Unlock Tomorrow’s Electric Grid

    SolarCity Has a Plan to Unlock Tomorrow’s Electric Grid

    Tesla’s solar roof and Powerwall 2.0 announcements show that new products are critical to raising the profile of clean energy. But recently, there’s been a shift in focus away from individual technologies and toward a broader range of products and services that can serve many functions on the electric grid. Ultimately, Tesla and SolarCity want their individual technologies to meet this need. 

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    1. You're only going to find what your key challenges are by putting the equipment out in the field and breaking it, basically, to see how it functions.
    2. The objective is, in essence, to increase the efficiency curve…by filling the gap with distributed resources instead of a single, large capacity solution, like a gas-fired generator.
    3. That being said, it could have, from our perspective, been done a lot cheaper by using assets that are already in the ground provided by third parties.
    4. We think there's a long-term advantage to innovation if you get more parties involved.
    5. Doing cost-benefit analyses is probably the worst part of all of our jobs, but they're important because they articulate a vision about how assets could be utilized.
    6. Those cost-benefit analyses start to develop a framework and, in many ways, add the positive pressure on the technical team by saying.
    7. In general, our approach in the near term is, don't expose the complexity.
    8. If we're trying to sell more than just solar, we're trying to sell things like smart thermostats and batteries, those things aren't necessary if you have a flat rate that doesn't ever move.
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