1. Lockheed Martin Installs Energy-Storage System at Salina Plant

    Lockheed Martin Installs Energy-Storage System at Salina Plant

    ALINA, N.Y. — Lockheed Martin Corp. has installed its GridStarTM Lithium energy storage system at its plant in Salina. The 1 megawatt system will reduce electricity bills and emissions for Lockheed Martin’s operations, the Bethesda, Maryland–based defense contractor contends in a news release. The system will also provide services to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the state’s wholesale-electricity operator.

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    1. We provide turn-key energy-storage solutions for a variety of utilities, independent-power producers, commercial and industrial customers and developers.
    2. This project is a great opportunity to combine multiple capabilities in the growing market for decentralized energy management.
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